Vodka Miniatures – Ideal for Leisure Pursuits

19 July 2016

Having sold our toffee + vodka miniatures for a while now, our research shows that lots of people love to keep them handy for quite a few sporting pursuits.

Our miniatures can come in really handy. Being a good sized shot means they can be used for many sporting activities if needed; just to enjoy halfway through, or perhaps to warm you on a chilly or breezy day and we have certainly had a few of them this year…

Obviously the first sporting activity that springs to mind is our ultimate favourite; skiing or snowboarding. There is nothing like the taste of our toffee + vodka miniatures to warm the soul on the piste in the winter months, or perhaps added to your cappuccino or latte to give it a bit of a kick! Our miniatures will even taste lovely in the super hot chocolates you can buy half way up the mountain – the sweetness of Thunder thickens the hot chocolate to give you a real toffee treat.

Vodka Miniatures

Our New 3 pack Toffee+Vodka Miniatures – out soon!

They are ideal for race days and this time of the year there are many of these – car racing, horse racing, dog racing…

They could also be popped in the side of your golf bag on a windy day, or even in your sports bag when you are off to the beach to surf or body board. Keeping you warm when walking or rambling is another pastime that is ideal for a toffee+vodka miniature to accompany you.

Don’t forget though, many bars at golf clubs, racing events and other leisure venues all now stock our wonderful Thunder, so if you forget your hip flask, then you can always try one, once you get to the bar!

Our vodka miniatures are ideal as they are just a small taste of our delicious toffee + vodka and so will give you a small sample of the real thing, our full sized 70cl bottles of glorious Thunder, once you have finished your day’s activity.

But don’t take our word for it; if you enjoy a the taste of something sweet while partaking in a leisure pursuit, then our toffee + vodka miniatures are just the job! And don’t forget, we also sell the ultra slick Thunder hip flasks, a perfect accompaniment to the miniature sized bottles of Thunder Vodka.

Obviously we do not condone operating any kind of machinery or vehicle when drinking our Thunder Vodka, but these shots of delicious toffee + vodka can be enjoyed in many environments!

If you love Thunder then you must try them…