Heathfield Show not a Wash Out for Thunder

2 June 2016

The Heathfield Show is a well known and really well attended East Sussex agricultural show in May every year. And we always know when it is happening as it always rains! And this year was no different…or so we thought!

Heathfield ShowIt was not looking good in the morning. Having rained the day before, the heavens opened in the morning and flooded the showground within minutes. With rivers of water cascading down through marquees, to be honest we thought the public would not get on site. This is always such an amazing show and the end of May should be a lovely time of year, so we thought the day would be ruined.

However, all was not lost – with great work from the show stewards and quick thinking on car park changes, the public arrived in their thousands and managed to park. The sun came out at about 1pm and continued to shine for the rest of the day, actually making it a really warm day!

Now we love it either way at Thunder Vodka – when the sun shines or even if it rains! When the sun is shining, our customers love to wander in and say hello, taking a look at the bottles of toffee+vodka we are selling, including the miniatures as well as the Gift Box we are selling. But when it rains, it can be even better! Apart from needing to shelter, having a taste of our warming toffee+vodka normally leads to more chat as well as buying a bottle or two from us while waiting for the rain to stop!

We love to chat with all our customers, getting feedback as to what cocktails people love to make, take a photo or two and just simply to see the people who love the taste of Thunder Vodka as much as we do!

See you next year Heathfield!