Walnut Whipp

Walnut Whipp - Vodka Cocktail Recipes

This is one of our most favoured Thunder Toffee + Vodka cocktails! It is one of our more unusual vodka cocktail recipes, as nuts are normally very underrated in cocktails. However, they are used here to bring the tastes of nature into this delectable drink. Subtle but potent!

Whole walnuts crushed and muddled 4
Thunder Toffee + Vodka 40 ml
Gomme (Sugar Syrup) 10 ml
Frangelico 10 ml
Egg white 15 ml

Method: Shake all the ingredients together and strain into a tumbler. Toffee + Vodka and Walnut’s a winning taste combination.

Garnish: 3 walnuts served on the side.

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