Tropical Rain Storm

Toffee Vodka Cocktail Recipes - Tropical Rain Storm

Thunder’s Tropical Rain Storm cocktail captures the taste and excitement of a rain storm in a glass, It is the perfect toffee + vodka cocktail for a hot summers day, it is very fruity and refreshing.

Thunder Toffee + Vodka 25ml

Malibu 25 ml

Pineapple Juice 75ml

Squeeze of Lime


Garnish: Pineapple leaf and a lime segment.

Method: Pour the spirits into a highball glass and stir thoroughly. Top up with pineapple juice & a squeeze of the fresh lime. Garnish with a pineapple leaf & lime wedge.

When using fruits it is important to wash them before they are cut and used to garnish your cocktails, apart from being more hygienic, it will make your toffee + vodka creation look more professional and taste beautiful.

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