Bookers Seal the Deal with Thunder

11 April 2016

It just keeps getting better and better for Thunder Vodka. Our liquid toffee + vodka is now going to be stocked at 120 out of the 170+ Bookers cash and carry stores across the UK.

BookersBookers Cash and Carry are one of the largest wholesale companies in the UK and supply to many businesses who buy alcohol along with many other wholesale products.

With Thunder being stocked at Bookers from the start of May, this is ideal for all businesses who sell alcohol – pubs, off licenses, restaurants and small supermarkets, they will be able to stock up on their favourite flavoured vodka at the same time as they buy all the products they regularly buy at Bookers.

We have been part of the Classic Drinks range within Bookers for some time now, which makes it an ideal transition to be chosen to now be in so many of the main stores of this massive wholesale chain.

Our 70cl bottles of toffee + vodka are becoming easier and easier to buy now. Buying in pubs, hotels and restaurants, you can also buy in many wine shops. Even on board non-European flights such as Thomas Cook, who are stocking Thunder as of May as well as Britains other favourite UK airline!

Bookers seal the deal with Thunder – a great opportunity for us and an ideal way for many businesses to enjoy more of Thunder!